Ayurvedic Management in Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation in Kerala, India

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Cancer is a vast topic in the medical science. Uncontrolled and excess growth of cells and its spread is called as cancer. Cancer may affect any areas of body like skin, blood, organs, bone, epithelium etc. The word malignant is always associated with Cancer. An additional growth in the body can be malignant or benign. The word ‘malignant’ means the abnormal growth of cells along with spread to other parts of the body. According to constitution of an individual and nature of cancer the prognosis may vary. Ayurveda have proven its efficiency in care and management of malignancy with good prognosis. More than fifty years of experience in Ayurveda cancer treatment, Dharma Ayurveda is perfect place cancer care and rehabilitation.

Approaching cancer with Ayurvedic treatment measures

Following of proper Ayurvedic diet and regimen will keep away all the disease encroachment. An individual must know the body type according to Ayurvedic assessment and follow the regimen and diet suggested for that particular constitution for keeping the body always healthy.

Two categories of patients approach us regarding cancer care and management. First category is of people who wish to reduce the harmful effects of chemotherapy and second category is for direct treatment procedures for cancer. According to the nature of cancer, the causes may also vary. Ayurveda correlates Cancer with the term Arbuda. In Arbuda, major role is taken by Vata dosha, along with the vitiation of other doshas. Unique therapies are administered in our center for reducing the harmful effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Treatment procedures are done with an intention to prevent additional growth and reducing symptoms. Panchakarma preparatory measures along with Rasayana (Rejuvenation method used in Ayurveda) treatment is done for the first category of patients. Symptomatic treatment like joint pain curing, indigestion and constipation management is also a part of this treatment. The second category of patients taking treatment will undergo all the Ayurvedic measures starting from Deepana (digestive fire maintaining), Pachana (Digestion promoting) treatments along internal as well external medication. These categories of patients are also suggested for intake of Ayurvedic rejuvenation medications. Ayurvedic Panchakarma procedures are also included in cancer treatment and rehabilitation.

Positive attitude of the patient is very essential in cancer management. Dharma Ayurveda has counseling specialists in Ayurveda cancer care department. Unique single herb therapy using Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) is also performed at Dharma Ayurveda as a treatment measure. We are growing many herbs which possess Anti – cancerous effect in the premises of our center. All these factors together help an affected individual with positive progress in their condition. At our center, every individual will get a feel that “I am Home”.

As the site of cancer varies treatment procedure also may change. Our treatment plan includes diet as well as special daily routine. We have specially appointed care takers for providing complete care for our guests. Our blessed specialists pay individual attention to the patients. Ayurvedic measures are giving good results in cancer care and management. The rehabilitation methods also help in getting comfort from other associated symptoms.

The word ‘Cancer’ may bring fear, fighting a disease with positive mind is a must for an individual. Dharma Ayurveda adds the best psychological as well as physical treatments in the cure of all ailments, which in turn help an individual to attain self-confidence.

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