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“Never suppress depression, just scuttle out of it”

Depression is a state of mind with prolonged unhappiness and lack of interest in any activity. In this condition, a person cannot find shelter in any of the physical or mental entity. Internal factors like hereditary or external factors like failure in achievement etc. can be the cause for depression disorder. Ayurveda science is the ultimate in Mind related disorder cure and management. With years of experience in consultation, our center is the best in Ayurveda Psychiatry. Our Ayurvedic center follows all the proper measures to attain the success in managing the treatment procedures. Live your life in a more lively way by following riskless and wholesome measures of Dharma Ayurveda.

Types of Depression

  • – Major depressive disorder
  • – Persistent depressive disorder ( Dysthymia )
  • – Bipolar disorder
  • – Premenstrual
  • – Ante natal and post natal depression
  • – Seasonal affective disorder etc. arethe major types of depression according modern medical science.
  • According to Ayurveda depression is a symptom among wide range of Psychiatric disorders.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression or depressive disorders have wide range of symptoms. Mood changes, loss of appetite, indigestion, negative thoughts, reduced sleep, lack of energy, loss of concentration or attention, fear, anxiety, inactiveness, lethargy, feeling sad etc. are the symptoms of depression. Crying and uncontrolled expression of emotion also can be seen in mood disorders.

Causes of Depression

Familial history of depression, stress,anticonvulsive drugs and other systemic disorders may cause depression. Various forms of physical and mental abuse, hormone imbalance, intoxication due to some chemical substances can become the direct cause for this medical condition. The denied care and affection from family or close ones may also lead mental depression. According to Ayurveda, mind disorders are caused by vitiated doshas . Improper diet and regimen along with unwholesome activities vitiates doshas. This vitiated doshas along with vitiated mind travels up to the central nervous system and causes depression.

Ayurvedic management of depression

Modern medicine treat this disease with Antidepressants (Psychiatric drugs) . Ayurveda approach depression with counseling program and intake of Ayurvedic medications along with required external therapies. Ayurveda adviseDhi (intellect), Dhriti(courage) ,Atma Vijnanam (knowledge about self) are the best treatment tools for mind related diseases. According to the vitiation of Doshas Panchakarma therapies like Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purgation), and Vasthi (enema) is done. Unique Nasya prayoga (nasal medication) is also administered in Depression management. Brahmi Grita (ghee processed with Bacopa monnieri) and Kalyanaka grita (a medicated ghee processed with Triphala and Amla as major constituents ) used in our center is giving good results in mind related diseases. Medicated ghee can cross blood brain barrier easily. All the above mentioned procedures are done under the guidance of our specialists.

Ayurveda also have special diet for aiding fast cure of mind related diseases. Along with diet control, we also have special counseling program in the management of depression. Our specialists have design individual treatment plan in the care and management of all ailments. All proper measures of Ayurvedic healing are followed in Dharma Ayurveda to attain the complete benefits in Depression management.

Grub out the roots of depression from you through the splendid Ayurvedic management at Dharma Ayurveda. Consult our outstanding specialists for a complete mental health.

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