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The intervertebral disc helps in the protection and easy movement vertebral joints. It is a shock absorber mechanism for the nerves coming out from the spinal cord. Any form of agitation or misplacement of inter vertebral disc may cause loss of movement, pain, restricted movement, swelling and further degeneration. Fall on lower back or a straight manipulation of the joint by an external factor can cause inter vertebral disc slip or herniated disc problems in an individual.

Disc bulge, disc herniation, disc slip, inter vertebral disc prolapse are the various terms used as synonym. Sports professionals and heavy workers are the categories liable to suffer from disc slip or disc bulge. Strenuous treatment including controlled traction with experienced professional guidance is a must in case of disc herniation. Dharma Ayurveda group is the trusted name in Disc bulge management, where an individual can get the proper care and total cure. Hereditary measures including signature therapies are used in our center in the treatment of inter vertebral disc herniation.

Causes and symptoms of Disc bulge or Disc slip

According the site affected the cause may also vary in the condition of disc slip. Direct fall or blow can be the direct cause in majority of reported cases. It can be seen more frequently in a trauma or a sports injury. Unable to move limbs and painful and restricted movements can be seen in this condition. This deformity has different stages, with complete and incomplete involvement of the structures.

Most common affected joint of disc slip is Lumbosacral. In this deformity, disc bulge or slip can be felt at L 5 – S 1 level of the vertebrae. Swelling and temperature difference also will be there associated with disc slip complaint. Range of movement and the proper site of the complaint are assessed at our center for understanding the stage and fixing the treatment. Proper diagnosis made at Dharma Ayurveda leads an individual to the complete cure of Disc slip. Ayurveda diagnosing techniques used by our specialist doctors helps in the proper assessment of Dosha (humor) involvement. Anyone suffering from Disc bulge can choose Dharma Ayurveda for an overall cure from the disease.

Treatment measures for Disc slip at Dharma Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, disc slip or disc bulge of a joint comes under Sandhimoksha (joint dislocation).Dharma Ayurveda specialists are the best in Disc slip treatment and management in Kerala. Proper management and care is needed in this condition. Various tractions measures are explained in Ayurveda, regarding dislocated joint treatment. Ayurveda techniques along with unique manipulation techniques are used by our specialists. The proper placement is done at first and then Panchakarma associated with therapies like lepana (medicated paste) , bandana (bandage) , dhara (medicated oil pouring over the affected area ) , various kizhi ( medicine filled bags) etc. are used for attaining the normal strength of the joint. Diet and rest after the treatment is also very important in the management of Disc slip treatment. Dharma Ayurveda, the best Ayurveda healers are assuring an unmitigated cure for Disc related problems. Ayurveda is the only treatment method for attaining the complete cure of all joint related disorders and symptoms.

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