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Every individual might have experienced head ache. Migraine is a kind of head ache with re-occurring nature. In general it affects one side of the head with pulsating nature of ache. Migraine attack may last from few hours to 3 days. The recurrence at the same area generates anxiety and fear in individuals. Ayurveda have categorized headache under Siro-roga. Natural remedies used in Ayurveda heal the disease once and forever. Tranquilize and cure severe Migraine through visiting Dharma Ayurveda. Experience the real natural measures for Migraine at our center.

Symptoms of Migraine

Severe head with recurring nature is the major symptom of Migraine. According to Ayurveda, Ardhavabhedaka is correlatedto Migraine. Splitting pain and churning pain occur in one half of the head with re-occurrence nature is called as Ardhavabhedaka. It is disease with three dosha vitiation.

Phases of Migraine

  • Prodrome – The phase occur few hours before the migraine attack is called as Prodrome.
  • Aura phase- The phase next to Prodrome with visual disturbance is called as aura phase.
  • Head ache phase- The phase with severe pulsating head ache is called as Head ache phase.
  • Postdrome phase –The phase with reduced energy after the migraine attack is called as Prodrome phase.

Causes of Migraine

People with stress, tension, sinusitis, depression and anxiety are more prone toward migraine attack. Hormone imbalance, drug usage, stress, anxiety etc. are considered as the precipitating factors of Migraine. According to Ayurveda, migraine is caused due to the vitiation in three doshas. Vata and Pitta are the major vitiated doshas in this disorder along with slight abnormality in kapha dosha. Vata and Pitta increasing food and regimen can be the direct cause for this disease and associated symptoms.

Ayurvedic management Of  Migraine

Ayurvedic management Of Migraine Diet and daily routine should be corrected as a first measure of Migraine treatment. All dosha vitiating food and regimen must be controlled. Dry foods, uncooked food, excess food, sleeplessness, over mental and physical work etc. must be avoided. All the above mentioned factors may vitiate the doshas of body and cause diseases. The dosha vitiated above neck is causing the disease like Migraine.

Dharma Ayurveda specialists are the best in the Ayurvedic management of Migraine. According to Ayurveda classical textbooks Nasya is prime treatment measure for Migraine. Nasya is one among the Panchakarma procedure in which medicines are administered through nasal opening. It is also called as Siro Virechanam, as it purifies all the blocked and vitiated channels of the head. This neurovascular disease causing nervous system as well as vascular system irritation can only be cured through Ayurveda cleansing. Various ekamoola (single drug) therapies along with general prelepa (ointment), Abhyanga (oil massage), Sirodhara (Pouring of medicated oil over forehead) are also performed in Migraine management. All this therapies along with the guidance from our experienced doctors assure a complete cure for Migraine.

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