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The disease Multiple sclerosis enters a human life without much prior indication. From the changes in normal vision, improper limb movement, difficulty in swallowing, lack of attention, coordination etc. are few among the noticeable events seen after the onset of this disease.Individuals in the middle age are more prone to this condition. The degenerative changes to the myelin sheath covering the neuron of brain and spinal cord are causing such wide range of symptoms. According to the area affected the symptoms may vary in Multiple sclerosis. Dharma Ayurveda, specialists in degenerative disorder treatment is perfectly a marvelous place for Multiple sclerosis care and management.

Cause for Multiple sclerosis in modern as well as Ayurvedic aspect

According to modern medicine, cause for Multiple sclerosis is unknown. Some hypothesis regarding geography, age, mental stress etc. are there associated with this condition. According to Ayurveda, all degenerative diseases are caused by Vata Dosha predominance. All the activities which aggravate vata Dosha such as Vata Dosha aggravating diet, abnormal or over activity of tissues may cause a degenerative disorder.

Vitiated vata Dosha along with other aggravated doshas may reach Madhyama roga marga (area including central nervous system according to Ayurveda) and cause nervous tissue damage. Myelin sheath acts as an insulator around the axons and helps in the proper nerve conduction. The degeneration of myelin sheath is called as demyelination .Demyelination leads to abnormal activity by the nerve cell.

The symptoms of the disease may vary according to the area of demyelination. Double vision, Anxiety, confusion, instability, muscular weakness and disturbed bowel activity can be noticed in an affected individual. Vikalpa Nidana (assessing doshas involved in a disease with high accuracy) assessment is done in the case of Multiple sclerosis. Dharma Ayurveda specialists with above 50 year of experience in Ayurveda are highly efficient in accurate diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis. The perfect diagnosis associated with the best treatment method helps in creating good results in the patients.

Line of treatment for Multiple sclerosis at Dharma Ayurveda

Dharma Ayurveda center is the best in the Ayurvedic care and management of Multiple sclerosis. Involvement of Vata dosha along with other doshas are assessed properly and treatment for Multiple sclerosis is designed. In the assessment Prakriti (constitution), family history, personal history and systemic examination etc. is done. All the treatment procedures are done to expel or mitigate Vata dosha. Oleation, Sudation, Mrudu Virechanam (mild purgation), unique Vasthi Prayoga (Ayurvedic enema) etc. are done for the fast recovery. Panchakarma Kriya kramas procedures) done at our center are performed by skilled professionals which adds velocity to recovery rate. According the symptoms, the treatment procedures may vary. Siro dhara (Medicated oil pouring over the head region especially over the fore head without a break), Siro Vasthi (stagnating of medicated oil on the scalp), Siro Pichu (oil is stagnated on a cotton pad and kept over the scalp), Nasyam (nasal medication with medicated oil or powder), lepa Prayoga (various medicated ointments) etc. are done according to the associated symptoms.

Only Ayurveda can help in recovering from multiple sclerosis. As the known Ayurveda specialists, Dharma Ayurveda is the best in the management of multiple sclerosis.

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