Natural Detoxification through Panchakarma in Kerala

“Magic of natural cyclical purification of body is followed at Dharma Ayurveda”

World population is seeking genuine detoxification measures for maintaining proper health. Incompatible food and improper daily regimen cause imbalance in a human body. Panchakarma is the ultimate Ayurveda solution for proper detoxification of body and mind, thus retains the balance in the psychological as well as somatic activity. Dharma Ayurveda, having hereditary root in traditional as well as classical Ayurveda is the specialists in Panchakarma. The patient is assessed with all Ayurveda Clinical examination and individual detoxification treatment format is fixed. Dharma Ayurveda is the best among contemporary Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment providers. Our Ayurveda medical center follows all measures of Ayurveda and concentrates on detoxification and complete purification methods in Ayurveda.

Classification of Treatment according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda medical system has two treatment methods, Shodana (expels out aggravated factors) and Samana (pacifying the vitiation) .Shodana is called as the draining out of dosha (humor) from body through natural or surgical orifices. Samana is the method of pacifying aggravated dosha by means of Ayurveda preparations. Panchakarma is shodana therapy measure. Dharma Ayurveda specialists use Panchakarma as the major Ayurveda tool for eliminating vitiated factors from the body. Ayurveda healing and rejuvenation is based on the Indian scientific laws.

Procedures in Panchakarma

Ayurveda Panchakarma includes Vamana (emesis ), Virechana ( Purgation ), Nasyam ( nasal drops), Sneha vasthi ( oil enema ) and Kashaya vasthi (decoction enema) . Panchakarma is very popular as it is the best and natural way of detoxification of body. Our center, rooted in Kerala is taking Panchakarma to the people in all corners of the world. Ayurveda is becoming familiar and popular because of the positive results experienced by individuals.

Dharma Ayurveda, as the best in Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy follows all the proper rules of Ayurveda. Panchakarma is done after Poorvakarma (preparatory Ayurveda medical procedures) called Sneha Prayoga (applying of oil internally and externally is called as sneha prayoga) and Svedanakarmam (measures used to induce sweating from the pores of skin is called as Svedanakarma). Abhyanga (Medicated Ayurvedic body massage) , Udwartana ( Ayurveda Powder reverse massage ) , Utsadana (Ayurveda paste massage) and Ayurvedic medicated steam bath are few among the Ayurveda treatment measures used as a preparatory Sneha prayoga and Svedanakarma in our center before Panchakarma therapy. The special treatment measures of Kerala such as Kizhi (hot medicinal cloth bags) and dhara (continuous pouring of medicated oil on body is also performed in our center. Sirodhara and Sirovasthi are the special Panchakarma procedures which are performed as oleation as well as sudation therapy at the same time. At Dharma Ayurveda all the above mentioned treatments are done with proper hygiene and care.

Panchakarma therapy needs proper guidance for attaining the complete treatment benefits. Doctors and other Ayurveda specialists in Dharma Ayurveda are highly efficient in all Ayurveda Medical management. The hereditary root in Ayurveda is adding more expertise to our center in all aspects. The treatment measures beginning with the preparatory therapies to the diet regimen are assessed properly in our center for the accuracy of treatment. The assessment made before the therapy gives a complete idea about an individual’s body type, on that basis Panchakarma treatment is fixed at our center. The extra care and efforts of our Ayurveda Physicians make Dharma Ayurveda the best among the contemporary groups. Visit us for a complete purification

Visit us for a complete purification and detoxification of the body

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