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Alteration in the skin over any part of the body will bring anxiety in an individual. Psoriasis is the major skin complaint which causes mental as well as physical irritation. The rate of formation of skin tissue of the body increases in the condition of psoriasis. Scale like appearance is the major noticeable symptom in this condition. External application of any particular product will not cure Psoriasis. Only known cure to psoriasis can be experienced from Ayurveda methods and the best care and management is given by Dharma Ayurveda. Our center has the top medical professionals for the skin department. The external and internal medications used at our center are of the prime quality. All above mentioned factors altogether make Dharma Ayurveda the best hub for Psoriasis management and care. The side effect and risk free nature of Ayurvedic medicine also is one among the reason for individuals to choose Ayurveda for treating ailments.

Symptoms and causes for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non–communicable skin disease. It may affect nails, joints and skin. Itching and scale formation are the major reported presenting complaint in this disease. Dryness of the skin, pain in the joints and discolouration are present in this skin ailment. Mental disturbance can also be seen in the psoriatic patients due to psychological factors. Cosmetic change in the body is the reason for psychological problems faced by the individual. According to Ayurveda Psoriasis is a variant of Kushta. The name Kushta induces a feeling of worry in any psoriatic affected individual.

The term Kushta in Ayurveda indicates all skin diseases. In Ayurveda medical science, Mithya Ahara (improper food regimen), and Virudha anna (incompatible food regimen) along with psychological factors are the major causes for skin diseases. Vata and Kapha are the two doshas (humors) vitiated in Psoriasis. Dryness is a Vata dosha predominating character and itching is caused by Kapha dosha. In skin disease treatment, diagnosis is very important. Our professionals are the best in the Ayurvedic diagnosis, which helps in designing a proper treatment plan. Dharma Ayurveda follow all Ayurveda in the proper manner for attain perfection in designing the treatment.

Line of treatment for Psoriasis at Dharma Ayurveda

All the treatments are done with an intension of the complete expulsion of Vata and kapha dosha. All procedures are done after the proper body type analysis of the affected individual. The basic line of treatment according to Ayurveda classical record is Snehapanam (internal administration of medicated fat). This internal administration along with external application of natural drugs as paste is followed by Panchakarma therapies in the management of Psoriasis. According to the stage of disease, Vamanam (Ayurveda method of emesis using herbal products) and Virechana (purgation induced using Ayurveda medicines) are done. Unique dhara (pouring of medicated liquid) is also administered in the management of this disease.

Mind control is also an important part of the treatment. Our treatment design includes special mind training and counseling. Along with the treatment, diet and daily routine chart will be given to the patient. All the above mentioned plans are practiced with perfection at Dharma Ayurveda. Years of experience and quality in all aspects make our center as the best available Ayurveda treatment place for Psoriasis disease.

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