Management of Stroke and associated symptoms throug Ayurvedic measures in Kerala

“Ayurveda is the best in managing preventive as well as therapeutic aspect of stroke”

Nutrition and oxygen to the cells in all corner of the body is provided through blood. In some medical conditions blood circulation to a particular area may decrease or completely stop. Reduced or interrupted blood circulation to brain may kill brain cells and can cause stroke. The stroke results in loss or reduction in function of that particular area of brain. Prevention is better than cure in all ailments. Stroke causing factors can be avoided as a preventive method. Ayurveda has both preventive as well as therapeutic management in stroke. Acquire a healthy circulation path through the natural healing methods at Dharma Ayurveda.

Symptoms and Causes for stroke

According to area affected in brain, stroke may exhibit different symptoms. Unbearable head ache, loss or reduced functioning by one half of body and unilateral eye sight impairment are the major symptoms of stroke.

The etiology for stroke as mentioned earlier can be due less blood flow or due to break in a blood vessel. Both this condition reduces oxygen supply to the brain and causes impairment. Stroke due to reduced blood flow is called Ischemic stroke and the one due to break in a blood vessel is called Hemorrhagic stroke. Thrombosis or clot formation is direct cause for ischemia and hemorrhage.

Smoking and uncontrolled junk food or fatty food habits are the major precipitating factors of stroke. The chance of formation of thrombus in the blood vessels can be seen in both above mentioned categories as compared to others. High blood pressure or hypertension due to circulatory problems also adds the proneness to stroke. Maintaining the lipid profile in control is a must to avoid the proneness of stroke. Once in a month along with normal blood routine one can assess a laboratory investigation of total cholesterol also. Increased total cholesterol level indication is an accumulation sign of fat in body especially blood vessels. If the lipid profile is not maintained properly chance of thrombus or plaque formation is high. So, always monitor our somatic functions and stay healthy.

At Dharma Ayurveda, we have special available packages for preventive as well as therapeutic management of stroke and associated symptoms. We also conduct regular awareness classes on various health conditions and management. Preventive aspect of stroke Regular exercise and diet along with our short interval regular treatment packages

Preventive aspect of stroke

Regular exercise and diet along with our short interval regular treatment packages can save you from the event of stroke. Our package includes complete analysis of an individual and administering required internal as well as external medication. This treatment includes Panchakarma therapy also. Finding additional time to manage body and mind is the major risk in preventing this condition. Busy work schedule and family life is not allowing many individuals to find time for their health care. Dharma Ayurveda advices daily ten minute exercise for keeping body in healthy state.

Therapeutic aspect of stroke

Stroke symptoms need strenuous therapeutical measure to attain maximum possible reversal. In majority of the conditions weakness or loss of function of limbs of one side may occur. The locomotary function retaining is the first aim of stroke management. Facial expression, chewing, speech etc. may also get impaired. Ayurveda diagnose this condition as Pakshagata (Paralysis) .Paralysis is the modern terms correlated with Pakshagata. In this disease vata dosha function called Chalatvam (ability to move) is impaired. All the actions or therapies are done for the normal functioning of Vata dosha and nerve function boosting. The procedures starting from intake of medicines as well as external treatments are also done in the management of stroke .We have speech therapy and physiotherapy included in our treatment design. Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies along with our unique treatment measures are giving good result in post stroke management.

Dharma Ayurveda, the known Ayurveda specialists are providing the best, safe and side effect free remedy for the management of stroke and associated symptoms. Stroke affected individual may also suffer from mind related problems. We have special counseling for programs which helps in mind strengthening.

Reach us and consult our eminent Ayurvedic specialists for the ideal management of stroke and associated symptoms.

Let’s start, the Ayurvedic measures for the fast betterment from the stroke effects. Suggest your close ones to us, and give them a new start.

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