Ten proven headache remedies

Headaches can become a nagging issue that could possibly spoil your day. They could range from
mild to severe and could tempt you to reach out for an over the counter pain killer, which has so
many after effects. Here, we are discussing ten proven natural strategies that may help to prevent or
relieve your headaches.

Headaches come is several forms and one strategy might be more effective than another for a
particular kind. Some common headache types are:

Tension headaches.

The most common headache, these typically occur after an individual has ended
up being overstressed and their muscles have actually tensed. Pain appears in the middle and top of
the head, which may feel as if it has a tight elastic band around it.

Sinus headaches.

This type includes pain behind the eyes and nose and a basic congested feeling in
the head. This is caused when your sinuses are inflamed. A comparable headache occurs when a
person has a hangover.

Cluster headaches.

These headaches may appear throughout the day, causing a stabbing, sharp
discomfort that takes place in one area of the head.


Migraines typically are severe one sided head aches that trigger a throbbing discomfort
behind the eyes that grows and pulses throughout the head. There may be associated symptoms like
visual aura, sensitive to light, noise, activity or motion, nausea or vomiting sensation etc.
1. Water
There is an interesting view among a prominent group of naturopaths that ‘’headaches are a cry of the
body for water’’. And they claim that consuming sufficient water might assist avoid headaches or atleast
minimize their intensity. They recommend drinking 4 glasses of plain water as soon as a headache sets in
or when you have the feel of an impending headache.

A research study released in the ‘’Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice’’ noted that drinking water did
not lower the length of time people had their headaches, however it did make them subjectively feel

Dehydration can infact cause headaches. It might likewise change how a person feels, acts, or thinks. As a
recent scientific study noted, even slight dehydration might change how individuals think and function,
making them feel even worse, with or without a headache. Water might help make somebody in this
scenario feel much better.

Staying hydrated might be as basic as carrying a water bottle around and sipping on it throughout the

2. Cold compress

Vasodilation is the main cause for many headaches. And a cold compress might be an easy headache
reliever. Applying an ice pack or another cold product to the head or neck may assist constrict the
capillaries and lower inflammation in the area. This might help temporarily ease the headache.
A study in ‘’Hawai’i Journal of Medicine & Public Health’’ found that applying ice bag to the neck for 30
minutes considerably reduced pain in people with migraines.
3. Warm compress
In stress headache where the muscles are too tight, a warm compress may assist unwind these muscles
and bring relief.
A warm compress might be as basic as a heated towel. Individuals might have the ability to get the same
impact from a lukewarm shower or bath.
4. Herb tea
Ginger tea is an age old home remedy that may help with a migraine. A study published recently, stated
that ginger powder had effectiveness comparable to a commonly prescribed medication in reducing
migraines. A warm ginger tea may come handy as may herb teas such as peppermint, chamomile, and
5. Exercise
Headaches often occur less when people start exercising regularly. Exercise helps improve oxygen levels
in the blood and also promote better circulation, which may be the reasons for the positive impact in
A review in the journal ‘’Children’’ noted that lack of exercise may actually cause headaches among
One study found that 40 minutes of exercise three times a week for three months significantly reduced
migraine attacks both in terms of frequency and intensity.
Do regular exercise such as walking or riding a bike for atleast 30 minutes a day.
6. Identify and avoid foods and odors that trigger an attack
Food intolerances or allergies have been identified as an underlying trigger for many headaches.
Keep a food journal of what you consume. If a headache seems to show up every time you have a
particular food, you may be intolerant to it. Try to identify and avoid any foods that could trigger a
Certain food odors, perfumes and chemical smells are also known triggers for migraine. Avoid them as
much as possible.
7. Posture
Your posture may be a factor you often overlook when looking for the reason for the headache.
Make sure you maintain a healthy straight posture at most times. Always make sure the seat you are
going to spent hours for an activity is comfortable for your back and neck. If you are confined to a

table job or a computer job, you have to be especially careful about your neck and back posture.
Make sure the monitor is on eyelevel and learn to use keyboard without looking down every time to
8. Sleep
Various reasons cause headaches, and sleep issues are amongst the most common ones.
Getting too little or too much sleep or not sleeping comfortably might cause a headache in some
A study published in the journal ‘’Sleep’’ notes that adults require between 7 and 9 hours of sleep
each night for overall wellbeing.
9. Massage
Massage can help relieve tension in the neck and head and relieve a headache in quick time. Using
essential oils like lavender, peppermint or st john's wort will further enhance the effect.
Many people find self massaging pressure points like the area between the eyebrows, the two spots at
the base of the eyebrows, either side of the bridge of the nose, temples, jaw, back of the neck and near
the base of the skull help relieve headache.
10. Yogic Breathing techniques
Yoga postures will release tension in neck and shoulders, increase circulation to head, stimulate the
nervous system, and help alleviate pain. Breathing technique like pranayama can instantaneously
improve oxygen supply to the brain relieving headache symptoms while also reducing stress and anxiety.
If you suffer from recurrent and frequent headaches, its time you schedule a doctor visit. Don’t
ignore headaches if they last long or repeat often. The cause of your headache may need to be
assessed by a physician and hopefully you can find a solution to it.
Ayurveda offers natural and sustainable cure for different types of head aches. Write to us with a
brief history of your headache and medical reports if any. Our physicians will review and revert with
suggestions and treatment possibilities.

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